Interns are hired by EOHI and its subsidiaries and work at the different office locations during the summer through the company’s Campus Ambassador Program. Receiving hands-on experiences with meaningful projects, these interns see what it’s like to work for our employee-owned company and at the end visit headquarters in Houston to present their final projects to top leadership.

This summer, we had the opportunity to work with Dylan Vo as our “Electrical” Intern. Dylan worked on many electrical designs and schematics for various projects. He had the chance to tour different project sites to see his work in action on various applications. Take a look at a few of his highlights:

Automating Customized Parts List Generation and Quoting Process

  • Problem: The process of creating parts lists for each vendor and sending emails to each for quotes is a long and tedious task.
  • Task: Design a system to automate the creation of customized files for the list of parts for each vendor, according to what manufacturers they supply. Then, the system will complete customized emails to each vendor.

Standard Electrical Enclosures in AutoCAD

  • Problem: There is no standardized set of AutoCAD junction box enclosures for use when starting a new job.
  • Task: Design sets of enclosures which can be used universally for the foundation of future projects.

Retrofit of Westlake Swing Bridge

  • Problem: Swing bridge for a railroad that goes between Westlake and Lake Charles is being converted from mostly electrical to mostly hydraulic system.
  • Task: Design the step-by-step process for the electrical technician to quickly remove and add components, while keeping the bridge functional.

Barge and Crane Systems

  • Problem: Hydraulic systems for walking spud barge and onboard crane need a control system.
  • Task: Design general junction boxes and HPU junction boxes, as well as the overall wiring diagram for both systems.

Our team at SIT enjoys bringing in students who are eager to learn and contribute to the success of our business. Providing hands on experience is crucial for students to grow their knowledge and skills. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication Dylan brought to our team this summer and wish him and others the best of luck with their future endeavors!