Pictured from left to right:

Supreme Integrated Technology personnel – Todd Welsh (Special Projects Director), Kevin Hayes (President), Seth Stansbury (Mechanical Engineer – Account Executive)

This past month, the Gulf Coast Section of the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) and The Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers (SNAME) hosted a joint event in New Orleans, Louisiana focused on international shipbuilding. This region of the country has a long history of shipbuilding, including construction of jack-up rigs or liftboats to provide offshore services to oil and gas drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico.  Jack-up rigs provide valuable services to shallow water offshore drilling because of their ability to move from one drilling site to another quickly, and raise their hulls clear of the water on their own legs to provide a stable platform from which maintenance and construction work may be conducted.

With expertise in this region for vessel construction, many of these same technologies and designs have been translated to shallow water operations in other parts of the world including Southeast Asia and Middle East/North Africa (MENA). At the joint event, Christopher Townsend, Professional Engineer at MiNo Marine, talked about his experience with two liftboats built recently in Vietnam for Montco Offshore.  MiNo Marine, a leading naval architect of liftboats based in New Orleans,  provided designs of Montco liftboats – Robert & Jill, and how both Liftboat Jill and Liftboat Robert have deck area of 15,400 sq.ft., 4 cranes, max working depth of 280 ft. and crew capacity for 152 bunks.

Townsend’s presentation highlighted their partnership with Triyards, the shipyard in Vietnam where the liftboats were built in two stages.  Construction engineering, hull and deckhouse fabrication were conducted in Ho Chi Minh City, while leg installation, final outfitting and sea trials took place in Vung Tau. Townsend described some of the unique challenges in conducting a project this large within another country including language barriers, time zones, and even the transportation of these vessels from Vietnam to operation in UAE.

Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. (SIT) provided the jacking systems for these vessels, which includes the hydraulic power units, jacking power train assemblies and seamless electrical control systems. SIT’s jacking systems have a reputation in the industry for high quality, smooth jacking operation which ensure the vessels are safe and comfortable for the crew onboard. Not only did SIT supply the overall development of the jacking system, based on the coordination and integration of the vessel design by MiNO Marine, but SIT was also an integral part of the vessel construction, commissioning, and final sea trials.

Liftboats continue to provide economical and efficient solutions for drilling operations support because they provide lower downtime, eliminate need for tug assets or deck barges, and present a stable work platform in an elevated position.  They can be used for all types of construction, maintenance, well servicing and even decommissioning.  SIT looks forward to the opportunity to work with naval architects, shipyards and liftboat owners to provide jacking systems critical for the operations of liftboats and similar vessels.



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