We are excited to be showcasing at the 2018 International Workboat Show in New Orleans! This year, we have partnered with Behringer Corporation, Emerson Marine Solutions and Wandfluh of America. We have more info about our booth partners and their capabilities below.

The show kicks off on Wednesday, November 28th and ends on Friday, November 30th. You can find us at booth #2435 just off the main isle. Stop by to learn more about SIT’s capabilities in designing and building liftboat jacking systems, valve actuation, marine tank management, steering packages and hydraulic power units. You can also find out more about our partners:

• Behringer manufactures and markets products for industrial, mobile, marine and offshore applications. Their capabilities including pipe support systems, hydraulic filters, valves, Bilge Water Separators/Deoilers, Fuel and Oil Treatment Systems and Water/Oil Separators.

• Emerson Marine Solutions provides “Best in Class” technology for Radar Tank Gauging, Coriolis Fuel Metering and Remote Valve Control systems. Measuring tank levels and operating valves remotely become reliably trouble-free operations. Precise mass flow and density data is delivered via robust Coriolis meters from 1/2” to 16” diameters.

• Wandfluh valves are increasingly being used within the marine sector. By using stainless materials or equivalent surface treatments, corrosion protection is guaranteed, even in wet and salty conditions. When using water glycol as a hydraulic fluid, the inner workings of the valves are adapted accordingly.

As you can see, there is a lot to offer to the marine and offshore industry between the four companies listed above. If you’re at the Workboat Show this year, please find us at booth #2435 so we can talk about how we can assist with your next project!

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