Hull Integrated Ballast Control System

Case: Optimizing an Offshore Rig with Modern Technology

This project came from a client looking to modernize the ballast control system in the hull of their semisubmersible offshore drilling rig.

The optimizations were going well, but dealing with disparate suppliers was hindering the process. In each project, a hodgepodge of vendors would secure a component, specify it, and ensure that it was properly installed and commissioned. The patchwork process was rife with inefficiencies, and the client found themselves quickly over-budget and behind deadlines..

SIT was able to jump in and help with their ability to provide a fully integrated system including actuators, multiple types of specialty valves and the complete control system (HMI, pressure transmitters & monitors).

Ultimately, SIT was able to consolidate the work of more than 10 different suppliers. All of the documentation, certifications, provisioning, and follow up is provided under one roof; saving the client time and money, and delivering a high quality integrated system.

Micromotion – magnetic flow meters (monitor flow in the ballast system)
Emerson Rosemont Pressure and differential pressure transmitters
Vannessa Aluminum Bronze Butterfly valves – triple offsets
Keystone – Super Duplex Stainless Steel butterfly valves
Emerson Marine – HMI &, I/O cabinets for integrated control and monitoring system.
Wartsila – aluminum bronze ball valves
Automated valve/actuator assemblies for remote operation
Emerson Rosemont level transmitters for ballast tank gauging.
Hydraulic and Electrohydraulic and pneumatic actuators for valve positioning control.
ABS requirements, USGS certified package
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