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Testing/Research Facility HPU’s

Case: Testing and Research Facility HPU

SIT provided a Facility HPU feeding 6 testing cells for product R&D, performance testing and life cycle validation. This HPU has high frequency, high accuracy pressure and flow control achieved using Bosch Rexroth XM controllers. The HMI displays and keyboard panels consist of articulating arms for ergonomic and effective user interface. This HPU was designed with a 1” thick bullet proof loading and viewing window with safety curtain and safety locking mechanisms. The hard piping and tubing arrangements with hose jumpers were installed to high vibration equipment such as hydraulic pump motor assemblies. Overall, the HPU has a clean appearance and maintenance friendly access due to the cable management system integration.

720GPM @ 7500PSI Central Power Unit
Electrically Operated
PLC Based Process Control and Data Acquisition System
Multiple HMI Displays
Integrated Cable Management Systems
Hard Piping and Tubing Arrangements
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