Supreme Integrated Technology and its predecessors have a long history of designing, manufacturing, and installing jacking systems used for hull elevation of self-elevating platforms otherwise known as liftboats. Liftboats have been historically used as movable work platforms for shallow water oil and gas drilling (commonly used in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Persian Gulf, and Asia Pacific). Recently liftboats have found a new purpose, to develop clean energy resources as they are a key component for work of geotechnical investigation and installation of offshore wind projects.

SIT designed and delivered the jacking system for the Liftboat Jill in 2014 – which is now owned and operated by Falcon Global.  In 2019, Falcon Global agreed to a long term time charter to allow Fred. Olsen Windcarrier to utilize the Liftboat Jill in its fleet primarily for use in offshore wind projects.  In April 2020, Liftboat Jill was contracted by the Danish company Geo to support a vessel conducting an offshore borehole campaign the Danish North Sea.

Of this collaboration, Jens Brink Clausen, Department Director at Geo said: “We are looking forward to do the first geotechnical work on Thor for this summer. Our new cooperation with Fred. Olsen Windcarrier will ensure a very safe and robust solution for the drilling operations.”

SIT’s jacking systems, recognized also as the “Hydraquip jacking system,” are known for being the smoothest in the industry, allowing crews to feel safe and secure during their stays. SIT designs and manufactures the completely integrated power system and provides custom designed drivetrains including brakes, motors, gear boxes, and pinions for rack-and-pinion movement between the liftboat legs and vessel hull.  SIT also designs and supplies the complete control system so the liftboat can easily lift and lower from the bridge of the vessel.

The Liftboat Jill has a 1325 metric ton jacking capacity per leg, operates in water depths up to 280 ft (85 m) and can accommodate up to 128 personnel plus 20 crew.  One of the largest, fastest liftboats that operated in the Gulf of Mexico, this vessel is a reliable and efficient method for assisting with offshore projects. Supreme Integrated Technology looks forward to more opportunities in the future where it can help deliver resources for vessels engaged in the exploration and implementation of alternative energy resources around the world.