Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. Celebrates One Year Anniversary

of Merger with Hydraquip Custom Systems, Inc.

Houston, Texas – On September 1, 2017, Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. (SIT) celebrated its one year anniversary of its merger with Hydraquip Custom Systems, Inc. (CSI). SIT is part of Employee Owned Holdings, Inc., a 100% employee-owned family of companies headquartered from Houston, Texas. As a result of the merger, SIT doubled its operations and now operate from Houston, Texas, in addition to its original headquarters in Harahan, Louisiana.

“This was a decision that just made sense,” stated Richard Neels, president of Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. “We had an opportunity where the synergies basically dictated we do this and it is now gratifying to see such success as a result.”

SIT expanded its reach into new and existing markets as a result of the merger, stretching further internationally than ever before. The result is that regardless of location, SIT can readily provide support and quick response times for its customer’s field service needs.

Over the past year, SIT engaged in several significant operations. SIT assisted in providing mission critical steering systems and hydraulic power units for marine vessels. Additionally, SIT engaged in completing jacking systems for two international liftboat projects, requiring and involving newly engineered and designed jacking system.

One additional highlight was an international project focused on crude and refined oil buoys involving over a dozen SIT employees. SIT was selected because it is able to significantly condense the amount of equipment needed for installation onto offshore buoys in order to rapidly transfer fluid from a ship to an onshore facility and vise-versa.

’Creating Structures in Motion’ is our motto,” stated Kevin Hayes, President of SIT. “But we will continue to look for ways, like this merger, to improve our offerings in design conception, engineering, and supply & support of turnkey systems along with product based applications to see what the next year will provide!”

Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. is a subsidiary of Employee Owned Holdings, Inc., headquartered in Harahan, Louisiana, and is a 100% employee owned company. For other information about SIT and our family of employee owned companies, please visit

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