A crucial, yet often overlooked, component that ensures the safe navigation of a vessel is the steering system. The steering gear is indispensable, whether it’s for a tug boat, supply vessel, cargo ship, state-of-the-art cruise liner or military vessel. Its primary function is to control the direction of the ship.

Reliability is paramount when it comes to considering a steering gear system. At SIT, we understand the importance of a quality product which can be fully compliant with all applicable customer, military, and industry standards including ABS and USCG requirements.

At SIT, we design and build a complete range of steering gear systems, including hydraulic ram with tiller and low-pressure rotary vane.

We can provide a complete system in all respects, inclusive of:

  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Steering Gear Actuators
  • Electrical Controls System

In addition to supplied equipment, SIT can be available for the full lifecycle, to provide support from installation/start-up to maintenance, repair, and inspection. Contact us to learn more about our steering system capabilities.

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