By Supreme Integrated Technology March 29, 2019

• Ballast hydraulic system capable of opening and closing rapid ballast sea valves in less than one minute
• System consists of 2 Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic Reservoir Tank, Control Valve Manifolds, Ringmain Isolation and Segregation Valves
• Qualified to MIL-S-901D Shock and Vibration Specification
• Maintainable and field serviceable throughout decades of longevity

SIT-Huber has been manufacturing HPUs (hydraulic power units) for Naval ships over the last 20 years. State of the art designs created by SIT-Huber provide the Navy, Coast Guard, Army and Marine Corps with modern, sea- based platforms that are networked, survivable, and built to operate in the 21st century. Deliveries of Military solutions from SIT-Huber began in the 1990’s and they continue to provide solutions in present day.

Working with the criteria provided by the customer and military requirements for the vessel, SIT-Huber used their hydraulic experience and knowledge to design ballast control systems capable of opening and closing rapid ballast sea valves in less than one minute. Because of the high-speed requirements for the valves, these ballast control systems required custom components and an innovative design. SIT worked with more than 100 outside vendors and was able to leverage their status as an OEM to effectively source parts and deliver a cost-effective solution.

Structural build of the hydraulic reservoirs, manifolds and valves for the ballast control systems was conducted at SIT’s corporate headquarters and fabrication center in New Orleans, Louisiana. FAT (fabrication, assembly and testing) of the HPU took place at their assembly facility in Houston, TX.

All welders, inspectors, painters, and technicians were certified to meet applicable military and commercial standards. Systems and components were designed, built, and qualified to NAVSEA and Military standards, as well. SIT-Huber is fully suited to overcome obsolescence issues based on broad supplier base and in-house customization. To meet the needs of this Naval program, SIT-Huber will continue to deliver system components through 2023 and beyond.

Huber, Inc. operated as a manufacturing and engineering firm providing integrated, turn-key hydraulic systems and repair services for diverse clients within the chemical, marine and agricultural industries. In 2013, Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. acquired Huber, Inc. and integrated its systems operations into Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc.

Now, SIT will continue to provide those same turn-key hydraulic system design packages, fabrication and design engineering for the industrial, marine and Jacking System industries, while Huber Inc. provides service and repair operations.

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