Movable Structures

SIT's engineering expertise turns concepts into reality for hydraulic and electric-powered movable structures. With a focus on innovation, comprehensive design and manufacturing capabilities, SIT provides solutions for marine, civil, defense, oil & gas, aerospace and industrial applications.

Marine A-Frames / Davits (10-150 Tons)

Marine A-Frames / Davits (10-150 Tons)

Our A-Frame and Davit systems set the industry benchmark for marine lifting solutions. Designed for uncompromising safety, efficiency, and reliability, our products cater to diverse marine operations, ensuring optimal performance in challenging environments.

Robust Design: Custom-engineered to meet unique application demands, our A-Frames and davits offer unparalleled strength and durability, ideal for secure mounting on various marine vessels.

Advanced Hydraulics: Each system features a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) that guarantees smooth, efficient operations, essential for effective lifting and handling.

Precision Control: Equipped with electrical controls, HMI operator panels, and proportional valve technology, our systems ensure precise maneuvering and safety, critical in managing complex lifting tasks. Choose SIT for your marine operations and benefit from our comprehensive support, from initial design through to lifelong system maintenance. Elevate your operations with SIT’s dependable and innovative lifting solutions.

Articulating Ship Ramps

Articulating Ship Ramps

Our expertise in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art articulating ramps sets new standards in marine access for large vessels. Our ramps, ideal for military and defense applications, are engineered for safety and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments.

Bow and Stern Ramps: Designed for enhanced safety and performance, our ramps are constructed from high-grade carbon steel, equipped with an electric bow ramp split drum winch for precise control and smooth operation.

Precision Engineering with High-Quality Materials: At the heart of our articulating ramps lies our commitment to quality and durability, with a focus on crafting solutions for unique and challenging applications. 

Integrated Control Systems: Our advanced electrohydraulic control systems ensure intuitive operation, allowing for precise adjustments for various docking and loading scenarios.

Support and Lifecycle Service: We provide detailed manuals, conduct rigorous testing, and offer ongoing support to ensure reliability and client satisfaction long after delivery. Our long history working on defense projects, give us the experience to build to MIL-SPEC and test ramps based on stringent military standards.


Discover how our expertise in engineering and design for hydraulic and electric-powered movable structures can transform your ideas into success. Let’s work together to bring your ideas to life!

Stern Gates

Stern Gates

SIT’s innovation and precision meet to create the most advanced stern gates in the marine industry. Our stern gates are designed to exceed the demands of marine performance and safety, reflecting our commitment to quality, durability, and reliability.

Custom Solutions: Each stern gate is custom-engineered to meet the unique specifications of your vessel, enhancing both performance and safety. Constructed from the highest quality materials, our stern gates withstand harsh marine environments, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

Advanced Manufacturing: Our stern gates are products of meticulous design and precision engineering, incorporating the latest in marine technology, including advanced sealing mechanisms and hydraulic systems for superior performance and ease of operation.

Comprehensive Support: From initial consultation to post-delivery, SIT offers a full range of services to ensure seamless implementation and optimal performance of your stern gate. Our turnkey manufacturing, rigorous testing, and quality assurance, along with on-site installation and ongoing maintenance, uphold the highest standards of excellence.

Launch and Recovery Systems

Launch and Recovery Systems

Discover the pinnacle of marine engineering with SIT's Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS), designed to enhance operational safety, reliability, and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art systems are expertly engineered for the seamless deployment and recovery of equipment in the most demanding marine and offshore environments.

Challenging Applications: Each system is tailor-made to meet your specific operational needs, ensuring robust performance with components like Hydraulic Power Units (HPU), custom trolley structures, precision lift winches, and durable hydraulic cylinders. Our gear tracks are specially designed to facilitate smooth and secure operations.

Modular Assembly: We deliver our LARS in modular form, facilitating easy and efficient installation at the shipyard. This modular approach also simplifies maintenance and future upgrades, ensuring the longevity and adaptability of your system.

Certified and Reliable: SIT’s LARS come with ABS or DNV certification, guaranteeing compliance with the highest safety and performance standards. Our turnkey solutions, from design through certification, ensure a system that integrates flawlessly and enhances your operational capabilities.

Shell Closures

Shell Closures

Explore SIT's innovative shell closures and doors, setting new standards in safety and efficiency for the maritime industry. Our expertise in engineering robust marine door assemblies, including moon pool doors, provision doors, and side davit doors, ensures tailored solutions for any vessel. Our diverse range of door assemblies enhances the functionality and safety of marine and offshore operations:

Moon Pool Doors: Engineered for precision, these doors provide secure and efficient access to launch devices subsea. These doors often require difficult size constraints and we have proven expertise to design and deliver for both commercial and defense applications.

Articulating Doors: We have designed doors with 180° of rotation – we deliver complete package with door structure and electrohydraulic power package. 

Side Davit Door and More: From dry provisions doors to side rescue doors, freight deck doors, and marine hatch doors, each assembly is engineered for durability, operational efficiency, and safety.

Using advanced technology and materials, our doors undergo rigorous testing and ship integration planning, backed by classification society approvals. Our turnkey solutions span design, manufacture, and certification, ready for seamless installation.

Marine Winches (10-100 Tons)

Marine Winches (10-100 Tons)

Discover SIT's precision-engineered winches, setting industry benchmarks in innovation, reliability, and performance for maritime and offshore operations. Our comprehensive range includes custom solutions like the MLARS, Rescue, Umbilical, and Davit Winch Assemblies, each designed to meet specific operational challenges with unmatched safety and efficiency.

MLARS Winch Assembly: Tailored for marine launch and recovery, featuring robust components like hydraulic drive motors and integrated level wind for precise control.

Rescue Winch Assembly: Essential for critical rescue operations, offering reliability and safety when it matters most.

Umbilical Winch Assembly: Designed for smooth operation and protection of umbilical cables in subsea environments.

Davit Winch Assembly: Combines strength and precision, ideal for deploying small boats and equipment.

Technological Excellence: Our winches incorporate advanced features such as Lebus shells for superior rope management and custom gearboxes, enhancing performance and synchronization across operations. Each system undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance to meet the highest safety standards.

Movable Bridges

Movable Bridges

Discover the future of infrastructure with SIT’s advanced engineering capabilities in movable bridges. Specializing in the design, manufacture, and integration of movable bridge systems, we ensure seamless connectivity with the highest standards of safety and durability. Our projects span pontoon bridges, floodgates, and bascule bridges, enhancing communities and industries with innovative solutions. 

Grand Bayou Floodgate: Part of the Morganza-to-the-Gulf hurricane protection, this 147-foot steel fabricated barge with an extensive steel floodwall exemplifies our commitment to community safety and environmental preservation.

CSX Tail Race Bridge: We revitalized this historic bridge over the Cooper River, upgrading its lift functionality and ensuring operational integrity with modern control systems.

Pontoon Bridges: Our innovative solutions for Louisiana’s pontoon bridge systems exemplify our ability to transform traditional infrastructure with modern hydraulic winch systems. These upgrades simplify operations, enhance safety, and ensure longevity. 

We provide holistic, turnkey solutions tailored to meet specific project challenges and environmental conditions. With successful projects like the Grand Bayou Floodgate and CSX Tail Race Bridge, our expertise in movable bridges is unmatched. Partner with SIT to drive progress and connectivity in your community with our state-of-the-art movable bridge solutions.