Emerson Valve Actuation


By Supreme Integrated Technology September 24, 2020

Emerson offers one of the largest portfolios for actuation in today’s market. As a proud partner of Emerson, SIT can deliver a wide variety of valve actuators from hydraulic to electric. We have the capabilities to help you find the ideal solution for your valve automation needs.

Hydraulic actuators are engineered for handling the toughest conditions, ensuring full protection of your equipment, personnel and the environment. Emerson’s supporting brands – Damcos, Shafer and Dantorque – deliver high-quality performance to receive the best solution for your specific application.

  • Damcos Actuators: These actuators are engineered specifically for life at sea. Their patented design uses a helical spline system to deliver high torque without the need for large size. With no radical forces on the valve stem, the valve lasts longer and requires less maintenance.
  • Shafer RV-Series Rotary Vane Valve Actuators:  This actuator was designed for pipeline applications, where reliability of equipment is crucial. They use ball valves or plug valves for all types of severe climate conditions. As one of the most compact actuators available, they provide a smooth and dependable valve response.
  • Dantorque: These actuators have proven their reliability in the offshore industry. Dantorque actuators are compact, concentric and produce perfectly balanced torque to the valve stem. This technology provides market leading performance, expert knowledge, field proven results and high-quality products, ensuring you have the best solution for your subsea application.

Emerson’s Bettis electric actuators have become the industry standard in valve control. Known for their reliability, safety and innovation, Bettis actuators satisfy the harshest and demanding automation requirements in the market. These electric actuators automate multi-turn, quarter-turn and linear valves.

Emerson actuators are an integrated, turnkey option for the toughest flow-control automation, ensuring safety and long-life cycles. Contact SIT for more information.

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