Find us at booth #929 at the International WorkBoat Show this year!


By Supreme Integrated Technology October 25, 2022

We are excited to be back at the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans

November 30th – December 2nd at booth #929 this year!

The International WorkBoat Show is a unique opportunity to come together with like-minded individuals to network, receive industry updates, and learn about the latest products on display throughout the exhibit hall. From productive days on the show floor to nights with colleagues, new friends and great food, there is nothing quite like it.

This year we will be exhibiting alongside four of our world class suppliers:

Behringer – Behringer manufactures and markets products for industrial, mobile, marine and offshore applications including pipe support systems, hydraulic filters, valves, Bilge Water Separators/Deoilers, Fuel and Oil Treatment Systems and Water/Oil Separators. 

DMIC – DMIC designs and manufactures ball valves, check valves, flow controls, power unit accessories and custom hydraulic components for the fluid power industry.

Wandfluh – Wandfluh AG is a production and development facility for hydraulic valves, electronics, software and power units based in Switzerland. Apart from the standard products, Wandfluh also offers valve and system solutions specifically developed and produced according to particular customer needs.

Emerson – Emerson provides electronic/pneumatic marine propulsion control systems used for bridge, engine room, remote station control, interlocking and station transfer, tank ballasts, throttle for primary propulsion engines, reverse gears, controllable pitch propellers, bow thrusters, plus controls for loading cranes, winches, doors, etc.

You can check out some of our marine & offshore project highlights here, or select from the below:

  • Ballast Systems
  • Lift Decks & Freight Deck Doors
  • ROV Deck Support System
  • Hull Integrated Ballast Control System
  • Lightweight HPU
  • High Speed Steering System
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Pump House
  • Custom Driven Winch

We hope to see you at the show this year!

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