Lift Decks & Freight Deck Doors Project Highlight


By Supreme Integrated Technology June 10, 2020

M/V Island Home: State-of-the-Art Ferry

For nearly 15 years, the M/V Island Home ferry has been bringing people between the Woods Hole-Martha’s Vineyard route. This ferry can complete the 7-mile crossing in 32 minutes, at a top speed of 16 knots. This double-ended ferry can carry over 1,000 passengers and lodge up to 75 vehicles – 16 through the hydraulic lift decks.

Ferry Freight Deck Doors and Lift Deck Design

How does our engineering expertise relate to this ferry? SIT was approached to supply the lift deck and ferry freight doors to the M/V Island Home. Our client needed these decks and doors to operate effectively and efficiently, and so SIT was up for the challenge. The components required for this project included:

  • Freight Deck Doors: 16 ft. high by 20 ft. wide
    • Curved design door
    • Hydraulically operated by rack and pinion
    • Weather tight
    • Aluminum constructed
  • Lift Deck:
    • PLC controlled
    • Aluminum constructed and hydraulically operated
    • Lift Deck Ramps: 9 ft. wide by 140 ft. long
      • Capable of holding up to 8 small to mid-size cars each
      • Hang down from the 02 level
    • Supplied central hydraulic power unit

Steamship Authority Vessels

The M/V Island Home ferry is similarly equipped to two other Steamship Authority vessels: M/V Woods hole and M/V Martha’s Vineyard. SIT was also asked to supply a smaller version of the freight doors on the clear opening to these vessels, which it did to maintain another satisfied customer.

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