Port Vincent Bridge Project Highlight


By Supreme Integrated Technology March 30, 2020

Restoring History: SIT Renovates the Port Vincent Bridge

The historic Port Vincent Bridge, or the Amite River Bridge, crosses US-190 in Louisiana. This bridge had been closed due to damage acquired with its age, and renovations were needed to restore the bridge’s functionality. SIT, with its wealth of experience in restoring bridges to their former glory and improving their performance, appeared as a perfect fit for this project.

The Task At Hand

The Port Vincent Bridge, dating back as early as the 1960’s, was outdated in its construction and required several updates to refine its structural integrity. To do this, several aspects would need to be refreshed or fully reconstructed. The components required for this project included:

  • Live load/end wedge and span drive hydraulic cylinders
  • Various bridge machinery items including the end wedge and live load machinery bases and the bridge rack assembly
  • Hydraulic piping
  • Refurbishment of the main HPU
  • Design and manufacture of the secondary HPU

Going Above and Beyond

SIT engineers upgraded the Port Vincent Bridge with 24-inch live load/end wedge cylinders, new 77-inch stroke spanning cylinders, and new hydraulic piping, end wedges, and machinery. SIT also increased the bridge’s power and capability by restoring its existing HPU, replacing its rack actuator, and installing a secondary HPU. SIT designed, manufactured, and installed both the secondary HPU and the hydraulic piping to ensure the highest quality possible for this project.

The project was a resounding success, and the Port Vincent Bridge was better than before. View these renovations to the historic Port Vincent bridge and watch our engineers at work here: [WATCH NOW]

SIT has provided moveable bridges within the state of Louisiana as well as Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and even Nova Scotia. SIT consistently ensures high-quality and time efficient projects by working closely with the architects and the Army Corps of Engineers throughout a civil project.

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