Schroeder Filtration Solutions for Marine Applications


By Joe Steele May 28, 2024

As a proud partner of Schroeder Industries, we are excited to offer their marine filtration solutions. These products are designed to meet offshore and subsea needs, enduring harsh conditions with materials such as Stainless Steel, and tolerating pressures up to 15,000 psi (1035 BAR). Here’s an overview of their marine-specific product offering:

  • Automatic Backflush Filter (RF10 and RF3): Self-cleaning system for seawater and waste filtration, meeting IMO/USCG regulations, with continuous filtration and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Bulk Diesel Mobile Filtration (BDC and BDFC): Efficient fuel/water separation, minimal filter changes, and compact design for easy use.
  • Fluid Conditioning (Triton-E, Triton-A, and TMU): Dehydration units removing water from oil and a portable unit for measuring contamination in hydraulic systems.
  • Filter Housings (KFT, PLD, RLD): Flexible, durable housings for marine applications with easy element removal.
  • Bulk Diesel In-Line Filtration (BDF1, BDF2, ICF): Protects engine components from water damage, with high water removal efficiency.
  • Backflush Filter for Diesel Engines (RF9): Meets IMO Tier III standards, offering innovative, automatic filtration.
  • Bulk Diesel In-Line High Flow Filtration (BDS Series): High-efficiency particulate filtration, protecting coalescing elements and engine components.
  • Schroeder Bestfit® Element: Affordable, versatile filtration solutions with various media grades and over 40,000 cross-over elements.

As leaders in filtration and fluid conditioning, Schroeder Marine products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of marine and offshore applications. Schroeder Industries’ innovative solutions ensure efficient, reliable, and cost-effective performance across a wide range of marine environments. Their products not only comply with stringent international regulations, but also provide exceptional durability and functionality, ensuring optimal protection for vital engine components and systems.

Whether you need self-cleaning filters for seawater or efficient fuel/water separation, Schroeder & SIT have you covered. Their advanced technologies, such as automatic backflushing, dehydration units, and high-efficiency particulate filtration, set new standards in the industry.

In partnering with Schroeder Industries, SIT is committed to delivering top-tier filtration solutions that enhance performance, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the lifespan of your equipment. Contact us to learn more about SIT & Schroeder’s Marine solutions and how we can assist with your project needs.

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