Supreme Integrated Technology Featured on MarineLog for Ballast System Design


By Supreme Integrated Technology June 14, 2021

Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc (SIT) is thrilled to be featured on MarineLog which highlights their business segment focused on ballast system control and monitoring systems. With successful experience delivering ballast systems for major offshore operators in the Gulf of Mexico and navy vessels, SIT is confident in their ability to expand their ballast system offerings to new applications including autonomous spaceport drone ships and vessels used for offshore windfarm installation.

SIT’s optimized ballast system for offshore rigs incorporates the latest electro-hydraulic technology driving capital expense savings through eliminating hydraulic piping, enhancing system reliability, and streamlining operations. The fully integrated system includes ballast pump skid control, flow meters, transmitters for tank level gauging, pressure transducers and automation utilizing state-of the-art electro-hydraulic valve positioning technology (LPU-Local Power Unit). The electro-hydraulic solution significantly reduces weight, space and tubing. In addition, SIT partners with EMERSON MARINE to provide redundant local topside control, as well as master control room workstations and proprietary ballast control software (Aperio) to integrate control, feedback and alarms for the complete system. As the authorized North American partner for Emerson in the marine market, SIT has direct access to Emerson products to provide systems with comprehensive safety controls and relevant certifications (ABS, USCG, DNV).

With a long history of work in the military industry SIT and its subsidiary, Huber, Inc., specialize in ballast solutions which meet stringent requirements for Military Standard and Shock/Vibration testing. Providing systems for landing crafts up to the largest navy vessels, SIT creates and builds the hydraulic power units, auxiliary hydraulic reservoirs, control manifolds and valve assemblies. These components are designed to pass Grade A or Grade B shock tests and built from specialized materials for strength and weight requirements.

SIT’s provides value by offering single-sourced supply – managing the complete project from design, material sourcing, and building and testing to reduce cost of project time for their clients. For more information, see our project examples and videos. Please contact us for consultation on your ballast control and monitoring systems.

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