Unveiling Innovative Marine Solutions at the International Workboat Show


By Joe Steele November 27, 2023

The highly anticipated International Workboat Show is just around the corner, and we invite you to join us at booth #821 for an exclusive look at cutting-edge products and solutions from some of our premier partners: Emerson, Wandfluh, JARP, and DMIC. Here’s a glimpse into each partner’s offerings and how they can improve your marine applications.

Emerson: Elevating Marine Control and Monitoring Technologies

Empower your operations with Emerson’s marine control and monitoring technologies designed to enhance uptime, productivity, precision, and safety. Tailored for various units and ship types, including tankers, LNG vessels, cruise ships, and bulk carriers, Emerson’s Marine Tank Management solutions cover Valve Automation, Integrated Control & Monitoring Systems, Tank Level Gauging, Cargo Monitoring Systems, and Custody Transfer Systems.

Wandfluh: Unleashing the Power of Proportional Mobile Valves

Discover the advantages of Wandfluh valves and their transformative impact on your applications. Highlights of Wandfluh’s Proportional Mobile Valve capabilities include:

  • Standard proportional function
  • Sizes NG10 / 16 / 22 / 32
  • Flow rates from 1 to 1000 lpm
  • Pressure capability up to 420 bar
  • Pressure-compensated for reliability
  • Modular structure for versatility
  • Complete manifold assembly for seamless integration

JARP: Custom Cylinder Solutions Redefined

JARP Custom Cylinder Solutions offers tailored cylinders with features such as:

  • Custom cylinders up to 30″ bore
  • Integration of valves, sensors, rod coatings, brakes/locks
  • Dedicated engineering and certified fluid power staff
  • In-house destructive & life-cycle testing
  • 3rd party certifications: ABS/DNV

DMIC: Introducing the Accumulator Safety Valve (ASV)

DMIC unveils its latest innovation – the Accumulator Safety Valve (ASV). This versatile valve is designed to excel in applications with ratings of up to 6,000 PSI and temperature ranges from -60°F to 400°F. Use in applications span a wide range, offering reliability and safety in diverse marine scenarios.

As you prepare for the International Workboat Show, make sure to visit booth #821 to explore these products and solutions firsthand.  Experience innovation that sets the course for enhanced performance, safety, and efficiency in the maritime industry with these latest technologies from Emerson, Wandfluh, JARP, and DMIC.

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