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SIT provides superior solutions for hydraulic and electric-powered movable structures, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability for all applications. This is possible because of their valuable partners who go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations.

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SIT’s collaboration with Emerson provides integrated marine solutions, including advanced valve actuation, marine bunker measurement, cargo monitoring, and tank gauging systems. Emerson’s Damcos brand enhances SIT’s valve actuation offerings, tailored for marine applications, meeting rigorous international standards with options for extensive customization. The partnership also introduces the Rosemount Custody Transfer System for precise marine bunker measurements, crucial for optimizing LNG carrier operations. Furthermore, cargo monitoring is elevated through Emerson’s Rosemount and Micro Motion brands, ensuring accurate, reliable measurements and operational efficiency. This comprehensive suite of technologies underscores SIT’s commitment to leading-edge marine solutions as the North American marine partner for Emerson.

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Hydraquip’s technical team excels in understanding customer applications, assisting in system design, and providing innovative solutions within the oil & gas, agriculture, industrial and various other markets. As SIT’s sister company, they offer combined capabilities and act as a single-source solution provider. From their proportional valve build center to custom subassemblies and OEM hose kitting, Hydraquip is equipped to handle customers’ hydraulic-related challenges. Hydraquip delivers power, motion, and control solutions for hydraulic, electrohydraulic, and fully electric applications. Together with SIT, they provide custom power units tailored to client need.

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GCC specializes in hydraulics, pneumatics, and automation, offering solutions for industries like aerospace, utilities, marine, entertainment, and mobile equipment. As SIT’s sister company, GCC can deliver custom hydraulic power units and engineered solutions, leveraging over 40 top-tier vendor partnerships and a skilled sales team. They act as an extension of OEM and industrial plant engineering departments, enhancing equipment design. Trust GCC & SIT for integrated system needs, including Hydraulic Power Unit assembly, custom test stand design and installation, and Skydrol system capabilities.

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SIT’s partnership with Schroeder Industries brings forth specialized solutions for marine fuel and water filtration, targeting enhanced efficiency and protection in maritime operations. This collaboration leverages Schroeder’s cutting-edge filtration technology to develop systems that are robust and effective under harsh marine conditions. Designed to meet stringent environmental and operational standards, these filtration systems ensure the purity of fuel and water, crucial for engine performance and onboard water quality. The partnership is focused on delivering products that are easy to maintain and designed for optimal compatibility with existing marine infrastructure. By integrating Schroeder’s expertise with SIT’s market presence, the partnership aims to set new benchmarks in filtration efficiency, thereby supporting sustainability and reliability.

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SIT’s partnership with Gali enhances marine engine performance by integrating Gali’s advanced air and hydraulic starters. These starters, renowned for their robustness and efficiency, are designed to function optimally in harsh marine environments. They operate effectively at high pressures without the need for reduction valves, ensuring rapid engine starts and minimizing maintenance. This collaboration supports marine applications by providing reliable, high-speed starting solutions that are crucial for propulsion and auxiliary engines in marine and defense equipment. SIT has the engineering expertise to help you design a custom solution for your next application.

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DMT Marine Solutions is a leading provider of marine winches and deck machinery, recognized for its high-quality engineering and extensive range of products. They specialize in designing and manufacturing custom winches and deck equipment tailored to meet specific client needs. As a valued partner of SIT, they collectively offer customer solutions to their clients including winches, deck machinery and control systems. DMT Marine Solutions places a strong emphasis on quality and innovation, continuously improving their products to meet the evolving demands of the maritime industry. Their products are certified by major naval class societies, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards​.