Hydraulic Power Unit Capabilities

SIT’s engineers have the technical knowledge and experience to design and build Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) from start to finish, looking to meet a client’s every request. These engineers work closely with clients throughout the entire development to ensure the unit is functioning properly and to meet the desired standards.

So, what exactly is an HPU? An HPU is the main driving component used to run a hydraulic system on any number of various applications. Generally, these units consist of a prime mover, pump and reservoir. The unit applies hydraulic pressure where it is needed to drive the components of a hydraulic system.

SIT has built various HPUs for many different clients and in many different industries. Each system is a turnkey design, manufactured, and certified by SIT. All HPUs are customizable, depending on the application.

Jacking System HPUs:

SIT has provided HPUs on several liftboat jacking systems These units provide power to the hydraulic rack and pinion drive trains used to raise and lower the vessel. They can be controlled from a local control station or remotely through the jacking system PLC in the vessel bridge. HPUs are designed to produce a max of 4500 psi and may be housed in a self-contained enclosure with appropriate ventilation and integral controls.

Freight Deck Door HPUs:

The Central Hydraulic Power Unit (CHPU) provides power to the hydraulic drive trains that drive the freight deck doors open and closed. The unit has been installed on several drive-on, drive-off vehicle passenger ferries. The HPU is started remotely from the local control station near the doors. The pump/motor group can produce 5 gpm at 2500 psi.

Fluid Buffer System HPUs:

The Fluid Buffer System is provided as a completely integrated package with full integration testing and certification prior to leaving an SIT facility. As part of a larger Turret Mooring System for an Floating Storage and Offloading (FPO)/ Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) system, the Fluid Buffer System is critical to the overall successful functionality of the Mooring System.

Our engineers provide the hydraulic calculation package, assist with achieving the classification society approvals, operation manuals, integration testing, on-site commissioning and post-delivery service. All of SIT’s HPU’s are delivered fully assembled, tested, and certified.

Whether you have a small or large application, SIT offers many diverse configurations of HPUs to cater to your exact needs. Contact us today to start working on your next HPU project.

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