ROV Deck Support System

Case: On-Deck Support for Deep Water Operations

Working with the customer, SIT was able to generate a hydraulic schematic, bill of materials, and general arrangement drawings specific to the client’s specifications. This was followed by a review process with the customer to ensure that accurate work will be delivered. Pressure, flow, and project objectives were all carefully assessed and validated before the project began.

With a high level of investment at stake in subsea exploration, it’s critical that equipment operates reliably. SIT provided the on-deck HPU to supply power to function test the ROV tools and thrusters prior to launching the vehicle far beneath the ocean surface. The client had very specific requirements and needed units to operate with both water glycol and petroleum based hydraulic fluid.

Once completed, the systems performance was tested and confirmed to meet all specifications, including DNV 2.7-1 or 2.7-3 or ASME 31.1 or 31.3 piping.

ROV deck support system
Standalone HPU to run tools, power thrusters, clean and remove water from the hydraulic fluids.
50 HP electric drive.
Built to ABS or DNV Spec
HPU Skids – built to DNV 2.7-1 or 2.7-3
Dry weight is approximately 2500 lbs.
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