Emerson: Marine Class Approved Solutions


By Supreme Integrated Technology January 27, 2020

As Emerson Marine’s North American partner, SIT is proud to share and provide a variety of solutions. From cargo monitoring, to fuel management and valve remote control solutions, Emerson’s marine class approved solutions can be combined and easily integrated into marine automation platforms. Here is some more information on the products available through Emerson:

Tank Level Gauging Systems – Emerson provides electro-pneumatic, pressure-based and radar-based tank level gauging systems. At SIT, we’re happy to provide you with Emerson Rosemount tank level gauging solutions that set the standard for reliable and accurate tank level monitoring. You can find it onboard vessels of all types including; for example, tankers; LNG carriers, and articulated tug barges.

Bunkering and Custody Transfer – Custody transfer is an important part of any shipping operation to ensure that cargo is accounted for accurately and your investment is protected on its long journey. Emerson’s Rosemount Custody Transfer System is the most accurate and reliable radar-based measurement system in the marine industry.

  • The Rosemount TGU 53 Tank Radar Gauge for LNG is built for the task. The radar transmission is guided through a full length still pipe measuring the surface of the product and the patented array attenuator ensures accurate readings from the very bottom of the tank. Using the accurate and reliable TGU 53 you can perform your cargo transfer with complete trust. With dual channel technology primary and secondary level measurements are enabled with only one Tank Gauge Radar and one single still pipe installation.
  • With Rosemount TGU 68 Tank Radar Gauge you can trust to get accurate and reliable measurement that keeps you operating under the most difficult conditions in the tank and on the deck. The 26 GHz FMCW radar gauge is robust and prepared for optional redundant level or independent high level and/or overfill alarm measurements. Even in severe conditions, when you most depend on accuracy, you get the trusted performance and reliability that only 30 years of marine experience can bring.

Cargo Management – Emerson’s automated control systems optimize uptime, enhance process productivity and provide for safer, more reliable conditions for ships and offshore vessels. As the North American partner, SIT is happy to offer Emerson’s innovative shipboard control and monitoring systems.

Valve Remote Control Systems – When it comes to VRCs, Emerson Marine offers all types of marine valve actuation with high quality, robust and compact actuators providing high torque in any conditions.

Emerson Marine has a plethora of marine products designed specifically for your needs. Contact SIT today to learn more.

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