Newest Technology in Marine Winches


By Supreme Integrated Technology January 29, 2021

Winches are used for many purposes on marine work vessels, military ships, coast guard vessels, ferries and large yachts. Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. works with many clients to determine the best options for custom winches used to launch lifeboats and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), or operate with davits.  Often these applications provide additional challenges due to space and weight constraints based on overall vessel specifications. Ability to operate the winch is also critical, as these winches must be quickly activated to help passengers escape to safety in lifeboats.

SIT has recently designed and built an MLARS (moon pool launch and recovery system) which included a winch system. Due to the size of equipment being launched through moon pool doors underneath the ship, extra design effort was required.  The MLARS included a tilting system to accommodate the size of the equipment. SIT worked with the client to design, build, test and assemble the winch rated for 3,500 pounds, built to ABS specification and with a high speed mode to accommodate for heave compensation.

A second state-of-the-art winch assembly was created to operate out of a shell closure on a Coast Guard icebreaker vessel to launch rescue equipment. This winch was built to accommodate 1,000 pounds line pull and weighed 750 pounds. The winch had to be mounted inside the shell closure door in order to protect the equipment from harsh operating conditions.  SIT designed and supplied the foundation weldment, electric drive, hydraulic brakes, bearing assemblies, control manifold, VFD (to allow for variable speeds) and remote-control system. Working with the customer to specify and test to ABS certification, the complete package was provided to the shipyard for installation.

SIT specializes in custom applications which demand creativity in design and often require the ability to withstand harsh operating conditions. SIT is proud of their latest winch projects and looks forward to helping more clients integrate the latest in technology into winch solutions.

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