SIT’s Welding Expertise is an Asset for Military Projects


By Joe Steele January 30, 2023

Quality is of the utmost importance when creating structures to aid in our national defense. Welding is a key component of metal structures for all types of applications including ship doors, ramps, launch and recovery systems, A-frames, davits and winches. Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. sets itself apart from other structural companies with their expertise in both TIG and Flexcor welding, tested procedures and level of inspection in their shops.

SIT has around 30 documented weld procedures for different grades of aluminum, stainless and carbon steel. Over 10 of these procedures have been fully approved by NAVSEA to meet military requirements. This allows SIT to execute projects with an efficient procedure qualification record (PCR) examination from the client and ABS or DNV inspectors speeding up the process for approval on each project.

Each welder in SIT’s Harahan, Houma (Louisiana) or Houston fabrication shops must be qualified for any welding procedure conducted and observed every 90 days to ensure the weld procedure meets quality requirements. In each location, SIT has a Certified Weld Inspector so all inspections can be done immediately, and quality standards maintained throughout the project. While other companies rely on third-party inspection, SIT has built experience in non-destructive testing in-house to optimize the fabrication process.

SIT has become a trusted partner for defense projects through engineering expertise, ability to deliver high quality products and support for the full system lifecycle. The welders on our fabrication teams are a key component to success and we appreciate their efforts. Contact us if you have questions about your next project.

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