Why SIT is the Choice For Defense Sector Solutions


By Supreme Integrated Technology March 31, 2020

Over 50+ Years Of Combined Experience In Defense Projects

With its acquisition of Huber, Inc. in 2013, SIT added to its years of experience designing custom solutions to military standards and specifications that protect lives, equipment, and collateral.  Our team is committed to providing precise solutions delivered on the first vessel and on schedule.  SIT’s team understands the rigorous requirements involved in meeting military and commercial regulatory specifications, building systems to meet or exceed test requirements, and providing detailed project documentation. Over the years, SIT has proven itself time and again to be a reliable contractor for a wide variety of custom solutions and applications for high-risk projects.

Speed, performance, customization, and thorough testing of components and machinery are especially important in military applications. When all these factors include delivery with strict deadlines, SIT’s wealth of experience and long history of client satisfaction on deliverables make us stand out from other OEM military suppliers.

Custom Mechanical Door Solutions Without Unnecessary Complexity

Breaking Vessel Door – SIT designed a custom actuated door crafted to withstand extremely cold weather conditions, high winds, pressure from oncoming waves, and retain the water-tightness of the outer hull shell. This door was designed for reliably in a complex environment, but with straightforward engineering used to keep the possibility of mission killing single points of failure at bay.

Moon Pool Doors – Another client required the opening in a vessel’s hull to be closed off with a set of doors to seal a moon pool opening. This project’s excessive difficulty was partially due to the confined space of the work site. Having worked with SIT personnel for 20 years, the client was accustomed to our level of dedication to solving difficult challenges. SIT was successful in providing engineering design drawings, system performance calculations, and installation instructions to the shipyard. 

SIT delivered the moon pool doors on time and under budget – with the system performing faster than the customer’s requirements. 

Seamlessly Integrating New Systems With Old Technology

There are few industries who require more constant updates to equipment and components than the defense sector. When the need for updates arise, the selection process has to be both thorough and timely. Project bidders should have a long history of delivering complex projects that harness existing sytsems while updating essential components to meet the standards of today. 

In a recent project, a client had an aging fleet of vessels over 30 years old but required new generation high-speed steering units to facilitate the fleet’s lifecycle extension program. After winning the project, SIT provided an integrated solution that utilized various subsystems; electronic, hydraulic, ship monitoring, and mechanical actuation. As SIT is continuing to deliver a new steering system, on average, every month as each vessel is retrofitted with the improved steering system. Each system is tweaked and adjusted to meet the client’s specifications with the new and emerging standards. [Read More]

Ship-Specific On-Deck Solutions

SIT provided another client with a custom solution to suit requirements for their deep-water ROV operations. During this process, SIT designed a solution to meet the rigorous requirements necessitated by the high-risk nature of environment the ROV deck support system. SIT’s on-deck HPU  supplied power to test the ROV tools and thruster before the vehicle was launched beneath the ocean surface. [READ MORE]

different client hadn’t had any luck in finding vendors to deliver a custom winch solution for their new vessel – until they reached out to SIT. At the end of the project, SIT delivered a military-grade winch that was almost entirely built in-house. SIT also provided all the associated electronics, including a custom master controller. 

Another client needed an A-frame to launch a large 60 mT package from the stern of the ship into the water, requiring a significant increase in the existing supporting structure. Because this client was located overseas, each modular component of the A-frame had to fit into 40-foot shipping containers. SIT travelled to the client to oversee installation and confirm successful integration and coordinatewith ABS on system testing. [READ MORE]

Machinery To Swiftly And Safely Deploy Packages

A client with a high speed naval craft reached out to SIT for assistance in installing a ramp on the bow and stern of their vessel that could swiftly onload and offload cargo while at the beach, piers, or floating ocean platforms. It needed to be both structurally sound, but quickly deployable for a fast boat that would regularly travel at high speed and in high sea states. SIT designed the ramp, hydraulic power unit, and control system. The structure was reviewed alongside the customer’s naval architects to ensure the end-user’s operating parameters were met. This project allowed the client to improve tactical capacity and complete a new prototype that is expected to soon receive ABS approval. 

Another client required a dual speed moonpool launch and recovery system (MLARS) for a safe working load of up to 10,000 pounds. The system was designed to travel at a maximum of 30 feet per minute for safety reasons while near deck level and up to 300 feet per minute while in water for implementation of future heave compensation systems. The MLARS system trolley and winches needed to be able to manipulate the package underwater through the moon pool. SIT was tasked with designing this system around stringent space requirements necessitated by existing equipment operational envelopes. When completed, the work met or exceeded all requirements, and multiple tests proved that the MLARS system was compliant with both the customer’s and regulatory requirements. The completed
project provided less dynamic loading, increased speed of launch and recovery, provided for the safety of the crew, and allowed for operation in diverse environmental conditions without exposure to external conditions or concerns.

SIT specializes in military naval projects by delivering new and valuable solutions, including custom movable doors, hydraulic power units, updating and integrating new systems to meet current market demands, and more. Keep reading to learn more about a few of our highlighted projects: [READ MORE]

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