Trends in Space Technology and How SIT is Involved


By Joe Steele May 27, 2022

The past decade has brought a renewed interest in space travel and technology due to private markets seeking to launch space travel as an option for the public. The new efforts in space travel have benefitted the entire manufacturing sector by introducing new technologies and creating new challenges that need to be solved.

Reusable rockets

In an effort to lower the cost to explore space, all of the major players in private space travel have focused on creating reusable launch systems, both for larger rockets and vessels of human travel, as well as for smaller satellites and resupplying the International Space Station. One of the key components of reusable rockets is the ability for autonomous spaceport drone ships to successfully retrieve rockets. Supreme Integrated Technology, Inc. (SIT) has a long history of creating and manufacturing marine systems, including integrated hull automation systems, similar to those on autonomous spaceport drone ships to ensure successful navigation to targeted GPS coordinates for rocket landing. SIT can also supply A-frames, auxiliary HPUs, davits, LARS (launch and recovery systems), moon pool doors, steering systems and winches – all of which may be considered to assist autonomous spaceport drone ships.

Returning to the Moon

Resuming lunar landings has also sparked space travel aspirations and provided a suitable test environment for many technologies that will eventually help humans make the trip to Mars. With involvement with both private space companies and government-lead efforts (such as NASA), trips become less costly and more attainable. Along with lunar missions, a tremendous amount of ground support equipment is needed. SIT can help provide custom hydraulic power units, blast doors, control systems, and custom cylinders to be utilized for ground support equipment. 


With the never-ending need for big data, satellites make up the majority of space activity and experts expect a high level of activity to continue for years to come. Satellites have become smaller and lighter, allowing new companies and start-ups to take advantage of satellite technology. Some companies have even begun designing satellites with 3D printing technology. However, even though they may be smaller, often the power density of hydraulic systems is required for a variety of reasons including positioning, opening and closing doors during the launch process and other ground support equipment.

As the space industry continues to grow, SIT has proven to be a trusted partner for many of the large private space exploration companies. And SIT has the expertise to create and build complex systems operating in challenging environments.

SIT provides full lifecycle support for all systems including FEA analysis, 3D modeling and computational fluid dynamics for design. We have experience with vibe analysis, stress, and shock testing as well as the ability for clients to virtually witness factory authorized testing. SIT is ISO 9001 certified with over 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing capacity between our Houston, New Orleans and Houma facilities. Our dedicated field service team is ready and happy to assist with commissioning and field support.

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