SIT has a long history working on defense projects to deliver solutions including but not limited to launch and recovery systems, movable doors, hydraulic power units and ballast control systems. But what function do these provide on military vessels?

Launch and recovery systems: Launch and recovery systems on military ships play a crucial role in the operation of various aircraft and watercraft. These systems enable the efficient deployment and retrieval of aircraft, remote operating vehicles (ROVs), and other specialized equipment. Specific launch and recovery systems vary depending on the type and purpose of the military ship.

Movable doors: Movable doors on military ships serve various functional and strategic purposes. These doors are sometimes referred to as “watertight doors” or “bulkhead doors” and are designed to enhance the safety, protection, and operational capabilities of the ship.

Hydraulic power units – Hydraulic power units (HPUs) play a crucial role on military ships. These units provide hydraulic power, which is the use of pressurized fluid to transmit and control energy, for various functions on board. The effected equipment may vary depending on the type of vessel, its intended mission, and the technology available at the time of construction.

Ballast control systems – Ballast control systems on military ships are used for maintaining stability, buoyancy, and maneuverability of the vessel. These systems ensure that the ship’s center of gravity remains within safe limits during various operational conditions, such as loading and unloading cargo, changing sea conditions, and operating various onboard systems. Overall, the ballast control system ensures the vessel can operate effectively and safely in various conditions while performing its mission tasks.

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